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Everyone is different so we adapt to different needs no matter the style or the scope, we are teamworkers and we are equally excited and involved as you are.We also got al the material and inmaterial assets ready for taking your production to the next level.

We do World-class bespoke compositions and sound design in any style or scale. We are confident that our cues will intensify any film scene emotion or drama and will be a valuable contribution to the succes of any film production.While the 21st century suffers from composers that blur the line between sound design and music, so the final product acts as a sonic filler, that is easy to forget,our goal and aim is to create sountracks that are worth memorizing and that may touch the human heart and generate emotions for years to come.
We are specialized in video game music and sound design, and we cover all the potential scope for any video game production; Linear music, adaptative music, character defiinition, landscape music , 8 bit .We operate with any midldeware platform (Fmod, Wwise, Elias..) We strongly believe that any AAA game or indie game will be greatly enhanced by our music , but let our music speak for us and kindly check some sample music in our home page.

We do music for advertising, music for TV branding, music for radio branding and corporate branding music.We also work as music consultants for advertising agencies and commercial brands.If you would like to hear a glimpse of waht we do pls kindly check our latest work tab.

No matter if you are a band or a solist l, if you want to make an impact and position sucessfully yourself in the actual music scene you need to connect with your audience. We are specialized in arranging and producing touching music adapting to your skills and musical personality so you can take your music to the next level. We cover the full spectrum, from the first note to the final product, including composing, recording , arranging, mixing and mastering, so as an artist you have the freedom to focus on your art and leave the technical aspects to us.